Field data collection and laboratory services

Our assessments and surveys provide a solid basis to support more innovative decisions. Our marine data is extensive and accurate.

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Key contact

Darren Richardson

Senior Principal Environmental Scientist

Brisbane, Australia

+61 (0) 7 3831 6744

We take safety and environment seriously – all projects include preparing appropriate job safety advice and documentation following international standards. We also hold, in many jurisdictions, scientific research permits that demonstrate our commitment to responsible environmental management of our operations and sampling activities.

  • A highly skilled ­field data capture team
  • A full range of field sampling and monitoring equipment
  • Survey vessels
  • Commercially accredited diving teams
  • Laboratory services

Our capabilities

  • Quality procedures to ensure that field data are collected at the highest standards 
  • Professional staff with over 100 years of collective involvement in environmental studies 
  • Design and implementation of short- or longer-term baseline surveys and monitoring programs
  • Met ocean data collection, including waves, currents, tides, CTD and weather data
  • Water quality, including surface water and groundwater across both aquatic and marine environments and including the full range of relevant parameters
  • Turbidity loggers and other data capture appliances with the capability of real-time data capture over long deployment periods
  • Marine and aerial remotely operated vehicles (ROVs and drones),  and apparatus and operators for efficient and safe data collection working in dangerous or remote locations
  • Fluids data collection, including rain and flow gauges, flood levels and warning systems
  • Water efficiency data collection, including the performance of water infrastructure
  • Marine bathymetric surveys and underwater bottom profiling (acoustic, aerial and satellite)
    • Soils and sediment testing across terrestrial, aquatic, and marine environments
    • Weed and pest surveys (including marine pests)
    • Assessments following relevant water quality guidelines

    We can provide ecological and biological surveys across:

    • Freshwater environments
    • Catchment and riparian areas (including terrestrial areas)
    • Estuaries and nearshore environments
    • Open coastal and offshore marine environments (including associated with offshore installations)