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Integrated solutions for aquaculture production

With experience across a wide range of geographies, species and groups, we provide expert aquaculture environmental services that are always highly innovative, practical and relevant.

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Phil Dana

Regional Business Development Director - Americas

Ottawa, Canada

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We are actively working to resolve Aquaculture’s most complex challenges.

Our entry into the aquaculture market began with a focus on baseline environmental assessments, marine habitat mapping, environmental modelling, and the development of environmental monitoring plans (EMPs). With growing experience, we recognise that we offer a unique suite of integrated solutions to the aquaculture industry y combining our offshore engineering, software, and naval architecture services.

Projects in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East followed, leading to the development of services from constraint-based site selection processes and bespoke vessel design.

Aquaculture systems planning

We model the behaviour of biological systems conditioned by physical, environmental, economic, and technical factors to plan aquaculture systems.  The sensitivity could include variations to feed costs, survival rates, workforce costs, energy costs and cost of capital.  The financial model output will provide the Internal Rate of Return (IRR), payback period, Net Present Value (NPV), utilisation ratios and Return on Invested Capital (ROIC).

The model will establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for the operations like optimal cycles, feed to conversion ratio, energy intensity and survival rates to ensure profitability during production.

A financial plan will lay the roadmap to manage your project development and production risks to ensure financial returns.  The plan will also provide insights into maximising resource utilisation and return on invested capital (ROIC) during the production phase.

We believe that a robust financial plan will not only provide confidence to you to decide on the investment but will also position the project favourably with the financing partners to attract more growth capital


Our wealth of experience and knowledge of architecture, marine engineering and hydrodynamics give us a unique capacity to contribute to improved safety, reliability, performance, and economics of all types of aquaculture infrastructure.

Our naval architects take a holistic design from the initial idea through feasibility studies, detailed design, and in-service support.

You can rely on our naval architects and designers to make enhanced performance and reliability your priorities.

The marine environment puts unique demands on equipment, so we have specialist skills in engineering design and analysis, materials, fatigue, corrosion and corrosion prevention, the use of metals and composites in the marine environment, and underwater engineering.

Predicting current and wave loading is a critical component of offshore engineering design for station keeping, mooring design, stability of floating structures, structural integrity, and safety.

We help you tackle complex geological problems by computational simulation of geological scenarios, supporting motion response and physical model testing and providing high-quality engineering outcomes.

Dedication to innovation

We are dedicated to delivering solutions that are not only sound but innovative and practical  

We help you understand operational limitations and investment risks, focusing on delivering solutions towards improved sustainable production targets. One example is our innovative collaboration with industry, regulators, and researchers funded by the UK-Government Seafood Innovation Fund (SIF) to develop modelling packages capable of predicting the trajectory and proliferation of sea-lice in the North Sea as a response to commonly used treatment strategies.

We are positioning ourselves at the forefront of technologies for the offshore industry: from sea-pen engineering, feeding barges and well-boat design to a highly ambitious project to develop cutting edge risk assessment and predictive tools for the sea-pen offshore sector. 

Vessel design

We have an extensive portfolio of specialist vessels to draw upon for the aquaculture industry.

Our workboats and crew transfer vessels have been specially engineered for the operations in the demanding environments of the offshore-wind-energy industry, a great starting point with many similarities to aquaculture.

With a large, experienced, responsive vessel design team available, we can tailor existing designs to your needs or design entirely new vessels where required.

Aquatic ecosystem sampling and analysis

We specialise in:

  • Limnology and pit lake surveys
  • Rehabilitation planning for creek diversions and mine void lakes
  • Innovative technologies for rapid data collection:
  • Multi-spectral data to map vegetation condition and pit lake quality (turbidity, algae)
  • Drones used for the safe collection of samples
  • e-DNA used for rapid, targeted fauna surveys (e.g., threatened fish, pest fish)
  • Vegetation, macroinvertebrate, turtle, fish, platypus etc.
  • Planning Studies and Risk Assessments
  • Climate change risk and adaptation assessments (risk management, rehabilitation planning etc.)
  • Development of frameworks
  • Environment risk assessments
  • Planning and evaluation of void lake beneficial uses (including MCA)
  • Market Study