Confidence in compliance

From initial concept, through design, construction, service and disposal, we give you the confidence that your asset is safe to operate, that requirements have all been met and that standards are all complied with.

We bring a distinctive blend of expertise and experience to technical assurance and cover all the key elements from detailed engineering analysis to design and product assessment, design guidance and on-site assurance.

We believe technical assurance can be achieved at minimal cost if it is incorporated into existing project activities such as design reviews of other verification activities.

From concept design to in-service material state surveys, we offer a whole-life Technical Assurance service targeted at these planned verifications for surface and sub-surface systems, land and air systems, from a light vehicle to an aircraft carrier. We also help with the development, maintenance and application of policy and requirements for all aspects of design.

Together, our services represent a powerful way to implement solutions effectively, protect reputation and increase safety.

  • Streamlining future engineering design and assurance activities by applying our proven expertise in policymaking and requirements specification.
  • Ensuring coherent application of policy and requirements through our training, support and assessment.
  • Reducing risks and instilling cost-effective working practices at early stages in product design through technical guidance and support.
  • Achieving confidence in product design, performance and condition with our support in compliance and acceptance.
  • Enhancing the product through its life with our wealth of technical expertise, valuable specialist knowledge and experience.