Shipbuilding & Lifecycle Tech 4.0

Shipbuilding & Lifecycle Tech 4.0 - Day 1

Shipbuilding & Lifecycle Tech 4.0 concentrates on innovation & development for shipyards and ship owners/operators, on the use of digital & data technologies for the design, engineering, production, manufacturing, operational support & management of ships to ensure they have an efficient build process, sustainable lifespan and can perform their duties accordingly.

The event will host up to 62 unique presentations from shipyards, ship owners, ship operators, and technology providers over the two (2) days of the event

Day 1 Conference & Exhibition (Virtual) - Friday 28th January 2022
Day 2 Conference & Exhibition (Virtual) - Friday 11th February 2022

On Day 2, BMT will be presenting on the topic of MASS SEAS: Using a simulated environment to assure autonomous navigation for the real world.