RINA Warship


BMT is attending RINA Full Scale Ship Performance Conference

In general there is a growing need in the maritime world for ship performance analysis on full scale. This has several reasons related to either cost saving, legislation and environmental concerns.

The appearance of accurate and comprehensive measurements of in-service performance data at full scale can now provide an accurate picture of ship behaviour throughout a voyage and also the effects of it; fouling, wind and waves and the benefits of performance improving technologies such as new anti-fouling paints and new hull form and propulsion design, including retro-fit technologies.

The introduction of the IMO Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) the need for ship full scale performance measurement and verifications has grown in importance. There are now new ISO standards for initial ship trials to verify the EEDI calculations. ISO 19030 standard consolidates the latest academic and industry knowledge regarding a standardised method to measure the performance of a vessel through the water. IMO and EU require vessels to monitor their efficiency in terms of fuel consumption and distance travelled (EU MRV starts 1st January 2018 and the IMO system 1st January 2019). It is expected that the data collected will help inform future EEDI regulations.


BMT is attending this  event.