Pacific Adapt 2019

2nd Symposium on Climate Change in the Pacific Region

2nd Symposium on Climate Change in the Pacific Region

The Pacific region is affected by climate change at different levels. According to the 5th Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), current and future climate-related drivers of risk for small islands during the 21st century include sea-level rise, tropical and extra-tropical cyclones, increasing air and sea surface temperatures, as well changing rainfall patterns, among others.

It is against this background that the “2nd Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation in the Pacific Region” is being organised. The Symposium will focus on “fostering resilience and the regional capacity to adapt”, meaning that it will serve the purpose of showcasing experiences from research, field projects and best practice in climate change adaptation among countries in the region, which may be useful or implemented elsewhere.

This will be a truly interdisciplinary event, mobilising scholars, practitioners and members of governmental agencies,  undertaking research and/or executing climate change projects in the Pacific region. 

David Rissik will be presenting 'The challenge of a changing climate to the provision of health care to small highly distributed populations. A case study from the Torres Strait Islands" at this event.