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We offer THE smart way to upgrade tubular boom clusters and extend the life of your draglines.

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Greg Heiges

Business Development Manager

Greg Heiges

Business Development Manager

Denver, United States

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Chris Batten

Regional Director of Business Development Critical Infrastructure

Chris Batten

Regional Director of Business Development Critical Infrastructure

Perth, Australia

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Charles Constancon

Director, Canadian Services

Charles Constancon

Director, Canadian Services

Vancouver, Canada

+1 604 683 5777

Extending life, reducing cost

We have used our extensive knowledge of the mining industry, of stress monitoring, materials and equipment engineering to develop DuraCluster, to extend life and reduce repair costs of operational draglines.

This, and improved design modification and repair scheme, dramatically improves the fatigue performance on existing draglines with tubular boom designs. 

Longer life, less downtime, significantly lower cost:
how can DuraCluster improve your operations?

The Problem: The draglines, so essential to many mining operations, experience stresses at joints that can result in endemic fatigue and cracking.  With a boom replacement costing $20 million and three months’ downtime, repair costs become unsustainable. These are the issues that led us to create DuraCluster, dramatically improving performance on existing tubular-boom draglines. Cracking at cluster joints creates these three significant, unsustainable costs:

Cost of crack detection

Visual inspection is difficult due to the complex geometry | The crack must propagate through the chord wall before detection is possible | Substantial crack growth is required before it can be found, which significantly increases the risk of a catastrophic failure

Cost of repair

Poor access for achieving a quality repair to the chord | Coping adds time and cost | Cranage, scaffolding adds to cost | Cutting and replacing windows in lacings increases the potential for failure in the lacing

Cost of replacement and downtime

A single boom replacement can cost an estimated $20 million | Replacement requires a three month machine outage | Boom replacements expose operators to a potentially high risk task with major financial consequences

The DuraCluster Solution

Very easy installation - +/- 1 week per cluster

Cost savings - up to $18M can be made on a major boom repair

Multiple clusters can be modified simultaneously

Significant reduction of stress concentrations

Improved load paths

Dramatically extend the fatigue life of tubular boom and mast structures (Est. 15-20x)

Excellent access for welding ensures all damaged welds are repaired

Reduced maintenance and inspection workloads moving forward

Easier inspection and NDT on the upgraded cluster design

The Procedure

DuraCluster brochure

Dragline Boom Cluster Modification

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With DuraCluster offering the highest levels of lifecycle support and optimization of removal capacity at the lowest cost per tonne, our dragline design scheme is one of the industry’s most sustainable mining solutions.

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