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Whole life warship capability management course

A unique course for the Australian defence community, tailored to manage the capability, acquisition and sustainment phases of warship ownership

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As Australia's defence industry prepares for a substantial shift to shipbuilding, having a workforce that is well trained and informed about the critical elements of warship capability management is crucial.  

Our Whole Life Warship Capability Management training course provides detailed insight into a warship's acquisition and capability management throughout the complete lifecycle.

Course participants can expect training content delivered in a set of 28 modules that cover the complete array of theory and practical guidance for the consideration of warship design, management, maintenance and disposal;

The course content covers key elements for professionals looking to gain knowledge and skills in warship acquisition, management or disposal.  It has been designed to ensure all participants gain valuable insight regardless of their experience and industry background. 

The course is a week-long 'live' course for individuals or small groups of students with various live instructors delivering online or face-to-face learning.

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22-26 November 2021

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Whole Life Warship Capability Management

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