Market Sector Brochures

  • BMT Defence

    Defence guidance and improvement

    BMT is at the forefront of developing innovative practices to help governments draw up policies for the acquisition, design, support, training and safe operation of defence assets.

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  • LNG Terminal brochure

    Liquefied Natural Gas Terminals - Service and Solutions

    From site selection to rigorous feasibility studies and project management, BMT provides an extensive portfolio of services to guide customers through the early planning stages of LNG facilities.

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  • Marine Surveys brochure cover

    BMT in Marine Surveys

    BMT is able to offer survey services worldwide, through a global network of survey offices, on a 24/7 basis. BMT’s unique group of companies also provides access to a wealth of extra technical expertise including financial modelling, forensic investigation and simulation and modelling services.

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  • Defence brochure

    BMT in Defence platform design and support

    The BMT group of companies provide design, engineering, and business services to national defence forces and major contractors.

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  • Specialist Vessel Design

    BMT in Specialist Vessel Design

    BMT produces complete vessel designs, and provides specialist design support such as, model testing, computer simulation, voyage simulation, material sciences, fatigue analyses, human factors engineering and cold-climate technology.

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