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    Focus Issue 2, 2014

    In this issue, we look at how simulation and modelling are revolutionising many areas of science and engineering. We showcase BMT’s use of simulation and modelling in applications as diverse as port and vessel design, automated ship unloading systems, and maritime navigation studies.

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  • Focus, Issue 1, 2014 - Unusual Vessels

    Focus Issue 1, 2014

    In this issue of Focus we return to our roots, looking at ships - specifically unusual vessels and how technology improvements are having an impact on vessel design.

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  • Focus Issue 1 2013

    BMT Focus Issue 1, 2013

    This issue of FOCUS looks at the theme of natural gas and takes a closer look at the impact this energy source is having on markets worldwide.

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  • FOCUS Issue 2, 2012

    BMT Focus Issue 2, 2012

    In this issue we take a look at some fascinating ‘intelligent machines’, including robotic underwater gliders which will shortly embark on perhaps the most significant expedition since that of HMS Challenger back in the 1870s. This issue also looks at the continuing trend towards nature-inspired ro

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  • Focus Issue 1, 2012

    Focus Issue 1, 2012

    In this issue of Focus, BMT's Customer magazine: We bring to life innovation - from flying submarines developed by one of the world’s foremost engineers, Graham Hawkes, right through to the Utopian island which provides a vision of what future life at sea could look like.

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