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BMT SMART delivers Products and Managed Services for the performance management of commercial shipping fleets.

BMT Group is an international design, science, engineering, risk and programme management consultancy, serving clients principally in the defence, energy and transport sectors.  The group is set up as an Employee Benefit Trust and operates through 24 subsidiary companies each focused on particular markets, technologies or geographical areas. Through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth, BMT Group has enjoyed significant expansion in recent years and now has a turnover in excess of £180 million, with some 1600 staff operating through our offices world-wide.

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BMT SMART is a leading global provider of innovative vessel performance monitoring solutions and advisory services for the international maritime industry.  Our services support sophisticated, real-time monitoring of vessel management and handling, and in turn produce analytics and reporting on key performance indicators. Access to management information on vessel/fleet performance is available via simple-to-use web applications.

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The Role

Working within the Vessel Performance team, you will provide technical expertise into BMT SMART’s commercial offering:

  • to support the sales team in demonstrating potential value to new customers
  • to provide expert knowledge within the company’s service offering
  • to drive new ideas into new product development

Reporting to the Vessel Performance team leader, you will develop close relationships with:

  • the sales team during the early stages of customer development, supporting customer visits in demonstrating technical authority and in identifying value generating opportunities.
  • customers and project management in delivering a high quality service.
  • the new product development team to drive understanding and new ideas.

You will also have continuous interaction with all other areas of the company where technical knowledge will enhance the quality of the delivery or the definition of strategy.

Responsibilities & Tasks

As Vessel Performance Specialist your role is to ensure that our customers are able to get the most value from an in-depth understanding of their ship performance. Within this, your key responsibilities will be to:

  1. Support the sales team in demonstrating potential value to new customers:
    • Accompany Sales Engineers in early customer visits to ensure alignment of our capability and the customer need.
    • Work closely with customers, support the development of a customer fleet performance management business plan.
    • Demonstrate to the customer a high level of expertise and the value of partnering with BMT Smart.
  2. Provide expert knowledge within the company’s service offering:
    • Support the set up and configuration of vessels in our systems
    • With a good technical understanding, ensure that the data that we are working with is sensible and follow up with a proposed resolution where issues arise.
    • Set up and review customer reports and analysis to ensure a high quality service.
    • Communicate issues and concerns with customers.
    • Carry out detailed analysis of vessel performance.
    • Work closely with customers, frequently on their site, to ensure they understand the results being presented.
    • Support any local or remote customer training.
  3. Drive new ideas into new product development related to the company's on line and on board vessel performance monitoring software:
    • Fulfill the product owner role within the company’s Agile software development process.
    • Working with the performance team, develop new ideas for the expansion of the company's tool set.
    • Where new ideas represent a technical advance, to provide skills as appropriate in the development of new algorithms or models.
    • Develop user stories and present these to the software development team.
    • Play the role of the customer in approving the implementation of new features.
    • Support the development of a long term strategy for the development of the product suite.
  4. Represent the company at relevant industry events:
    • Prepare technical papers
    • Sit on standards and other industry committees

The Individual

This is a broad role and will suit someone who is an excellent team player, good in front of customers and technically capable.

The ideal candidate is likely to be at least 2 years out of university and with up to 6 years' work experience. They will need to tick many of the items listed below, including a combination of practical and educational qualifications but consideration will be made to candidates who can demonstrate the development of appropriate skills through relevant practical experience. 

  • Qualified to degree level or beyond in a relevant subject; potentially but not limited to Naval Architecture or Marine Engineering.  Candidates with less technical qualifications would have to demonstrate a strong mathematical background.
  • 1 to 3 years commercial marine experience.  On board experience or working in or with companies managing fleets or vessel performance would be valuable.
  • Demonstrable experience of building good customer relationships
  • Experience and understanding of product development techniques and the role of the Product Owner in the Agile development process

Supporting the product development is likely to be approximately 25% of the role.  Our development process works on a two week cycle and activities are normally fitted within this, so you will need to:

  • When available, attend daily scrums and give feedback on feature details
  • Attend planning sessions to give input as requested
  • Review all product outcomes and accept as appropriate

Other Requirements

This role does include a significant level of international travel although the timing is likely to have some flexibility and will not be arranged at short notice.  As an estimate, in any given year approximately 6 trips (averaging 4 days between Monday and Friday) would be spent supporting the sales team in developing new customers, and approximately 12 trips would be spent visiting customers to support our service offering.



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