Big wave rolling over the snout of the ship - Image

ShipmoPC - seakeeping predictions software

ShipmoPC is a widely-used and extensively validated seakeeping software package that provides comprehensive ship motion and load predictions and analysis.

Comprehensive Analysis

ShipmoPC can be used for monohull ships of all sizes in regular or irregular seas. Analysis capabilities include:

  • Prediction of ship motions in regular and irregular seaways with six degrees of freedom
  • Algorithms to predict deck wetness, slamming occurrence and slamming pressures
  • Extensive wave spectra selection
  • Human tolerance factors - motion induced interruption (MII), tipping and sliding
  • Predictions of motion and acceleration at user-specified locations
  • Still water and wave-induced hull girder moment shear torsional load assessment.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

ShipmoPC provides a comprehensive choice of reporting capabilities with both graphical and tabular presentation of results. It can generate speed-referenced polar plots of any of the motion response parameters. The program also produces formatted text output and X-Y plots of results.

The software is compatible with a variety of other Windows™ applications for post-processing analysis. A comprehensive user manual and on-line help are included.

Technical Support and Consulting

We provide technical support for ShipmoPC and also offer extensive marine consulting services for seakeeping performance.

With over 35 years of history in providing professional engineering services to the marine community, we offer support in hydrodynamic analysis, full-scale sea trials and model test coordination.

Customisable and user-friendly

ShipmoPC offers a user-friendly interface with enhanced plotting capability and report quality output. Users can specify vessel features and environmental factors in order to predict monohull ship motions. The software allows user-defined input on waves, mass/weight distribution, stabilizing systems, ship features, sea directions, seakeeping information and more.

The program can also be customised by our development team in consultation with end users to provide extra functionality. ShipmoPC software is based on extensive research and validation against a wide variety of ships ranging from offshore supply vessels to container ships, floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel and naval ships. Our teams are continuously adding sea trials data to test ShipmoPC predictions and add new capabilities.