Autonomous ship navigator

Our marine navigation simulator is at the cutting edge of autonomous navigation, supporting the development of future remotely operated vessels through to fully autonomous vessels. BMT REMBRANDT is used by key marine industry partners as a core component of their autonomous navigation system.

BMT REMBRANDT in Autonomous Vessel Operations

One of the key features over the next two or three decades will be the increased interaction between fully manned ships, reduced manned ships and autonomous vessels in shared water spaces and how big data, new sensors and data analytics can support safe navigation.

We have been working with a range of autonomous shipping stakeholders, including autonomous vessel designers to develop and implement new BMT REMBRANDT-based solutions for improved utilisation of shared waterspaces. The focus here is firmly on key interactions in potentially hazardous situations between mariners and machines.

This has involved fusing and processing onboard sensor information, developing new BMT REMBRANDT S57+/ S100 ENC platforms allowing for dynamic datasets, (e.g. water heights, and more granular bathymetric data and tidal data) and combined with COLLREG’s cognisant machine learning.

BMT REMBRANDT is currently used by a range of autonomous vessel operators.