Warships 101, e-Learning course

Warships 101 e-Learning course

We offer a new Warships 101 e-Learning course to plug the training gap that is needed to drive cost-effective upskilling for defence industry.

Earlier this year, we switched on our Warships 101 e-learning course, which offers an introductory look into Warships, their design, capability, and requirements. Allowing customers globally to access an easy to use, game-based program to learn more about Warships.

Whatever the role, customers will benefit from our expert training and be given the opportunity to gain a BMT certification. Our training courses, including Warships 101 have been designed to help students to prepare for the next step in their career.

The Warships 101 course is self-paced and can be completed in around 6-hours with content divided over 20-modules. The course covers what a warship is, how its requirements are specified, and how it is designed and built. This is a perfect introductory course into the technical and system management aspects of warships, including how capabilities are defined and met.

We have been delivering certified courses to the defence industry for over 13-years. Ensuring the industry remains well-trained and informed about the critical elements of ship and submarine design and management is seen as crucial.

"I am excited that in this time of change, we are able to continue to deliver our engineering excellence and demonstrate our true capability through the execution of this course," commented our Global Business Development Director, Rob Teasdale.

Rob continued: "While current circumstances have disrupted many traditional processes, including our face-to-face courses and events, it has also unleashed new opportunities for us. This e-learning course further supports the digitisation of our traditional and more intensive 5-day courses, which demonstrate our core areas of defence expertise with submarines, warships and the management of large fleet sustainment and through life support."
"As a business, we are fortunate in that we have the ability to be agile in developing a new course offering for our customers. Our courses allow us to share our diverse experience and skills with the world. We have the platforms and network to do this digitally," Rob concluded.

The Warships 101 e-Learning course is available now.