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BMT supports Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering Day is an International awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering and focus on the amazing career opportunities available to females in this exciting industry.

In celebration of the day, BMT has been interviewing women in STEM roles. We find out what inspires them, how they deal with challenges in their day-to-day roles and what made them choose their career. 

  • Catriona Savage, Technical Director, BMT Defence Services

  • Michelle Jeffery, Senior Risk and Safety Engineer, BMT Design & Technology 

  • Sarika Gandhi, Senior Engineer, BMT Asia Pacific 

Anne Segall, Group HR Director, also gives an introduction on the importance of women in engineering to the company. 

She discusses:

  • The benefits of having women in business and, in particular, leadership roles
  • What are the particular issues that women face in the workplace
  • How many women are in engineering roles within BMT 
  • An introduction to the BMT2gether development programme

To find out more about the opportunities for women in engineering please contact our HR department.

Anne Segall, Group HR Director, gives an introduction on the importance of women in engineering to BMT.

Only 9% of the engineering workforce is female
In 2010 100,000 female STEM graduates were unemployed or economically inactive
Diversity matters: companies are 15% more likely to perform better if they are gender diverse.
64% of engineering employers say a shortage of engineers in the UK is a threat to their business.

Anne Segall, Group HR Director, discusses how BMT supports STEM roles.

Gain an insight into the life of a few of our engineers

Catriona Savage

Speaks about her role as Technical Director at BMT Defence Services, Bath, UK.

Sarika Gandhi

Shares her experiences as a Senior Engineer at BMT Asia Pacific, Singapore.

Michelle Jeffrey

Talks about life as a Senior Risk and Safety Engineer at BMT Design & Technology, Melbourne, Australia

Women influencers across BMT

Why is it important to get more women into engineering?

Diversity of thought within an organisation leads to more creativity and innovation, and ultimately to greater commercial success.

Lyn Léger, Principal Environmental Consultant, BMT WBM

What do you enjoy about the field?

Every day is different! Whilst the underlying principles don’t change, the context and the way we apply them is continually changing. Being an engineer is a great career in which to continually develop, evolve and innovate.

Sharon Wallace, Principal Flood Engineer, BMT WBM

What do you enjoy about the field?

I am proud to deliver solutions that make railway journeys safe, reliable and comfortable. Focussing on risk and reliability, I have found that good risk management is ultimately the criteria for a successful project, partnership, and organisation.

Joanne Tse, Associate Director, BMT Asia Pacific